Thrill Pillow Fucking Machine - 110V

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The Thrill Pillow is a self-contained, portable fucking machine that lets you get your thrust on just about anywhere! Set-up is easy: just choose one of the three included dildos and attach it to the machine, plug it in, switch it on, and get ready for action! You can straddle it for some hot doggy-style penetration, or lay on your back, wrap your arms around the velvety pillow body and let it fuck you from the front. Choose from two thrusting speeds for a more leisurely ride or a more vigorous pounding. Included are three dildos to play with: a medium and large sized realistic dildo, and a nubby dildo with a clit stimulator for a more intense experience. The inside of the Thrill Pillow doubles as a storage compartment that holds all of its parts, so it can hide in plain sight as an inconspicuous bolster pillow when not in use.

Measurements: Thrill Pillow Body is 21 inches long, 7.63 inches in diameter, Medium Dildo is 5.75 inches long, 1.6 inches max diameter, Large Dildo is 7.5 inches long, 1.7 inches max diameter, Nubby Dildo is 5.25 inches long, 1.65 inches max diameter

Color: Black pillow body, Natural colored dildos

Note: 110 Volt power cord, US voltage