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Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs

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Light Up Fidget Spinner Anal Plug

Price $40.00

The sex toy you never knew you needed is here to add a little more fun to your anal activities The stainless steel butt plug has the smoothness and weight that you crave from a metal plug, while the fidget spinner lights up the night... 

The Princess Anal Plug -Black

Price $16.99

Treat your ass to the royal treatment with the Princess butt plug. This grandly designed anal plug is adorned with contrasting textures. Bold grooves run down the sides of the bulb, while one thick ridge bisects it. 

Fill-er-Up Butt Plug Kit - Pink

Price $25.99

Fill-er-Up This set of graduated butt plugs is the perfect kit for anyone ready to experiment with anal play. Each plug is gently tapered with a rounded tip to allow you to slowly work up accommodating a larger sized anal toy. 

Kinetic Thumping 7X Rippled Anal Plug

Price $119.95

Featuring a smooth bulb, subtle ripples, and a curved tip, this bouncing booty plug delivers all-new anal delights. Prepare for deep, powerful sensations! The inner weight inside this plug uses Kinetic Technology to create an ultra-powerful thumping motion.

The Marshal Anal Plug -Gold

Price $18.99

This majestically ribbed anal plug is guaranteed to provide the royal treatment The tapered shape allows you to take insertion at your own pace. Dramatic ridges provide bumpy bliss as they slide into your hole. 

Emerald Gem Anal Plug Set

Price $39.95

Train that booty with 3 beautiful metal plugs adorned with sparkling emerald gems Bend over and surprise your partner with a peek of green between your cheeks. Three different plug sizes allow you to take anal play at your own pace, or choose based on what you are in the mood for Pop in each sleek plug to appreciate the comfortable weight inside your body, thanks to the nickel-free aluminum alloy material.

The King Ribbed Tip Anal Plug

Price $19.99

Give your anus the royal treatment with a uniquely shaped butt plug that stimulates with bold ribbing and a smooth bulb This opulently double-textured anal accessory features a wide, flared suction cup base that stays firmly in place. 

7X Light Up Rechargeable Anal Plug -...

Price $59.95

Put on a sexy backdoor light show! This petite plug nestles between your cheeks and buzzes your booty with 7 modes of powerful vibration. Meanwhile, 5 different LED light colors will flash out of your anus in a psychedelic sequence, with 3 speeds of strobing to choose from.

Purple Pony Tail Anal Plug

Price $29.99

Enjoy hot equine action in a fun, flirty color with this smooth, full pony tail Braid it, brush it, swish it, show it off The tail is a full 20 inches of synthetic fiber, topped with a phthalate-free and silky smooth silicone plug.

Lucky Clover Gem Anal Plug - Small

Price $12.99

Make that booty get lucky with this petite metal anal plug with a clover jewel design at the base Pop this lucky charm in your pot-o-gold to appreciate the comfortable weight inside your body, thanks to the nickel-free aluminum alloy material. 

The Queen Ribbed Anal Plug

Price $19.99

This superbly textured butt plug will give your anus the royal treatment Thickly ribbed twin spheres massage your sphincter and anal tunnel as they squeeze into your body. The wide, flared suction cup base stays firmly in place as you take it for a ride or play with a partner.

The Governor Steel Fist Plug

Price $714.99

The Governor rules with a strong hand. Sure, there are other fisting toys, but how many are made from over 8 pounds of steel? This impressive, life-sized piece will be the gleaming centerpiece in your toy collection, with its cool smooth surface, and formidable weight.