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Penis Extenders & Sheaths

Penis Extenders & Sheaths

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Clearly Ample Penis Enhancer

Price $27.99

Men can enjoy a bigger, thicker, longer lasting erection instantly, with no pills, creams, or devices Simply slip this sheath over your own cock, hard or flaccid, and instantly enjoy your new pleasure rod.

Mamba Cock Sheath - Black

Price $27.99

This lifelike penis extender is sure to satisfy both you and your lover by providing an increase in size and also prolonging your erection. Simply insert your penis into the comfortable hollow shaft and slip your testicles through the stretchy ring. 

Ultra Real 2 Inch Solid Tip Penis...

Price $39.95

Sculpted with incredible lifelike details, this penis extension gives you more to work with when playing with a partner Fulfill exciting fantasies when you slip your shaft into the sheath and your scrotum into the strap. Once this extension sleeve is secured, you will have more length and girth to play with. 

3 Inch Extender Sleeve Flesh

Price $34.95

Wrap the strap around your scrotum for more support, security, and sensitivity Gain three inches of solid length and about an inch of girth with this penis enhancing sleeve The firm, but flexible material feels realistic, with a bold head and bulging veins all down the shaft. 

Sheath Sensations Enhancer Sex Sleeve

Price $13.99

Try this on for size This thin, textured cock sheath is perfect for the man on the go. Now you can slip into instant erection enhancement, with no waiting, pills, or creams The outer texture stimulates your lover with every thrust, and provides a subtle girth boost on any size. 

Realistic Ejaculating Penis...

Price $64.00

Get ready for the ultimate in instant and realistic penis enlargement with this squirting, ejaculating penis sheath Not only does it give you extra length and girth instantly with a realistic look and feel, but with a squeeze of the hand pump you can shoot a load into or onto your partner, for an explosive climax. 

Inception Multi Functional Fucking...

Price $44.00

This three in one orifice opening device adds max girth and length to your rod and cushions your plaything as you pound away at their inviting hole. It is super stretchy, allowing the ability to fit over any size cock and adds extra size to your throbbing member.

Clear Sensations Penis Extender Vibro...

Price $22.99

This semi-realistic sex sleeve combines girth, vibration, and texture to your rod for the ultimate in sexual satisfaction. The textured interior increases stimulation and stays put, allowing for a powerful finish. The contoured interior is tight enough for friction.

2 Inch Flesh Extender Sleeve

Price $26.99

This extender sleeve gives you two whole inches of solid penis to plow into your partner The realistic texture, featuring a bulbous head and bulging veins, along with a subtle curved shape will deliver a new kind of internal massage. 

Fat Jack Penis Enlarger Sleeve

Price $28.99

Are you ready to please your partner with a big fat cock? Slide into the Fat Jack Penis Enlarger and your wish is granted A thick, stretchy sleeve fits snugly around your shaft, and at the end is a solid, SexFlesh extension that gives you another 2 inches in length.

Tight Hole Clear Ribbed Penis Sheath

Price $35.00

Tighten their hole and thicken your shaft with this textured sheath Instantly increase your girth, gaining veins that will massage your partner with every thrust A bulging ring near the base can delight your lover with a stretch of pleasure. 

Pleasured Penis Enhancement Sleeve 4...

Price $21.99

This 4 piece enhancement pack contains stretchy sleeves featuring multiple stimulating textures for heightened pleasure. The one size fits all sleeve slips easily over your own member, providing increased pleasure for your partner with no pills, creams, or batteries needed.

Cloak Cock Enhancing Sheath

Price $20.99

Give yourself an instant boost in size with this erection-enhancing sleeve Create a brand new sexual experience when you pleasure your partner with this ribbed sheath. Adding both length and girth, the phthalate-free Cloak will stretch your partner like never before.