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Labia & Nipple Stretching

Labia & Nipple Stretching

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Stainless Steel Clover Clamp Nipple...

Price $100.99

This nipple protraction device is designed to clamp down on and then gradually stretch out the nipple. Comprised of a stainless steel frame supporting a dangling clover clamp, it is designed to grip tighter the further the nipple is stretched.

Ornament Adjustable Nipple or Labia...

Price $21.99

This sparkling set of rhinestone adorned nipple clamps will give you a dazzling way to make sure their eyes stay on you The cube shaped embellishments are set on all sides with clear sparkling gems which catch the light with every movement. 

Slave Bucket Labia and Nipple Clamps

Price $34.99

The Slave Bucket is the perfect BDSM accessory for wicked games with your partner. Combining the design of classic clover clamps with a bucket that hangs from chains, the more weight you add, the stronger the pinch and pull will be. 

Monarch Noir Nipple Vice

Price $19.99

Add some style to your BDSM play with these Black Japanese Clover Clamps! Made to grip on the nipples or labia with pressure being applied when chain is pulled. Just imagine your bad little subs nipples or labia being squeezed and pulled!

Deluxe Adjustable Nipple or Labia Clamps

Price $30.99

Imagine your plaything pleasantly pinched. The golden adjustable barrel style clamp set is an effective training tool in the art of endurance and sensation play. These exquisite clamps feature an accommodating golden chain that connects the clamps.